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The Carnival Comes to Springhill!

Posted Date: 05/11/2021

We are always looking for ways to engage and motivate our students at Springhill. The teachers and parents went above and beyond this year. Teachers created a Carnival for students to attend! While parents couldn’t actually be there to help with the games, they came through in a big way with providing the games, prizes, cotton candy, popcorn, and so much more! I think everyone has been so ready to get involved again after a year of not being in the building with us. This was a great opportunity and they exceeded our expectations for sure. 
Students spent weeks working for tickets that they could spend at the carnival. They earned tickets by having a good attitude, showing best effort, and displaying a growth mindset. Growth mindset is a big deal at Springhill and part of our vision to StandOUT with Strong Hearts and Strong Minds. 
The second grade teachers even dressed up in costume everyday for two weeks! The carnival quickly spread down the K-2 hall and then they all joined in. This is just one of the many things that makes Springhill such a special place. Teachers sharing, collaborating, and joining forces to create something so fun for kids. I mentioned that parents couldn’t actually help work the games so we called in our 5th graders to help out and they were more than willing! Now the 3-5 hall wants to know when their carnival is! The 5th grade students worked the games and enjoyed getting to be role models to the younger students. This was an event to remember and a new tradition we look forward to continuing!