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Springhill Avengers Assembled!

Posted Date: 04/11/2021

Last Friday was an intense day of dancing, fun, and growth mindset practice for our students at SES. Each grade level joined teachers and staff in the gym for the annual testing bash. This year’s theme: Springhill Avengers! After a year that has been so different and even included losing a few of our favorite things or changing our traditions to make them safer, we knew our students were ready to AVENGE that time! Students in 1st through 5th grades did not have a chance to see the end of the year at SES in person, nor did they take any of the tests that normally show their growth that year! But all of that changes now, as students prepare to show what they know, celebrate the milestone of completing a year of school, and prepare to level up to the next grade. Avengers was the perfect theme for this time! As students arrived at school that morning, they were waved in by superheroes! Thanks to our PTO and parent volunteers for making them feel special that morning. Students were surprised when they entered the gym area through an alleyway, complete with graffiti and city lights. As they turned the corner, they were greeted by super heroes cheering them on. Inside the gym, they saw a skyline and the Springhill “S” shining, signifiying the beginning of something great! Students watched specialist teachers, Nurse Kristi, Mrs. Benton (counselor), Mrs. West (assistant principal), and Mrs. Hammett (principal) do a stomp routine to a custom song written and performed by their favorite music teacher: Mr. Legris. They heard Mr. Paul from One Church share a message about exhibiting your personal value by trying your best and being yourself. Finally, students performed their own grade level’s cheer on our character word this month, perseverance. When asked if they felt like they were ready to take on the charge of being a Springhill Avenger, students answered with a resounding “Yes I can!”. We are so proud of all they have learned this year and can’t wait to see their growth in the next couple of weeks. 

springhill avengers 1springhill avengers 2pto superheroes