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What is a Tape Diagram?

Posted Date: 02/07/2021

What is a Tape Diagram?

Has your child mentioned a tape diagram? This tool helps students visualize fractions! 

A tape diagram is a rectangular drawing that appears like a tape piece with divisions to support mathematical calculations. It is a graphic tool used commonly in solving ratio-based mathematical word problems.

Tape diagrams are visual representations that represent the sections of a ratio by using rectangles. As they are a visual model it takes attention to detail to draw them. They break down complex mathematical word problems and help simplify it. They are depicted in the form of a strip or as a piece of tape. Tape diagrams are also commonly called a bar model, a length model, a strip diagram, or a fraction strip. 

Our students begin using tape diagrams in third grade when fractions are introduced, but continue revisiting this tool in fourth and fifth grades.

At-Home Learning Suggestion: Prompt your child to use a tape diagram to find fractional units of ingredients while you are cooking supper! #SESstandOUT #GreenbrierProud