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Game and Fish Commission Visits Second and Third Grade

Posted Date: 10/07/2019

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Lori Monday, Regional Educator for the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission and Heather Saco, Ecologist for the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality came to speak to our second and third graders in relation to our unit regarding living and nonliving organisms and animal classification. The students have been researching various animals and how they survive in their habitats. The presentation consisted of mammals, amphibians, and reptiles naturally found in AR. She explained how animals survive such as bears teaching  their young to hunt for themselves. She also tied in animal classification such as what makes a mammal a mammal, a bird a bird, and a reptile a reptile. She demonstrated how reptiles are cold blooded and allowed the students to interact with a live snake and alligator to see that those animals must rely on the environment to regulate their body temperatures. She compared it to the students having their own internal thermostats because they are warm blooded. The students also examined various animals skins and scutes to understand the natural adaptations an animal has been given to survive in its habitat. We know learning is greatly impacted by student experience with content, and this was quite the experience! game and fish 1game and fish 2game and fish 3