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Relentless Support for Students

Posted Date: 09/02/2019

Prior to our students coming back to school, SES staff reconnected during our back to school professional development days. Part of that time was spent reflecting on what it takes to ensure the success of our students. A major theme in our building is alliances, so this was a large part of our discussion. As a staff, we know that our reliance on eachother’s strengths ensures that every student gets what they need from whoever is able to provide. Because of this focus, it was no surprise to us when the support staff, consisting of music, art, P.E., computer lab, library media, G.T., and paraprofessional teachers began working together to learn everything they can about literacy interventions for our students. 

You can find Coach Moseley in the hallway administering the PAST assessment or working on phonological awareness skills with our students every day of the week. When Mr. Legris, our music teacher, isn’t teaching music, you might find him in a third grade math class helping students with place value. Every morning during PROWL you will see Mrs. Glenn, our art teacher, with a small group of students practicing phonics skills. To top it all off, when these teachers aren’t sure how to help students, they seek out their next steps. Many of our support staff members met in the media center recently to get additional training in best intervention practices from Mrs. Crymes, our library media specialist. 

The relentless, no excuses attitudes of our staff members is just one of the factors that makes Springhill Elementary such a special place for our students. We are family, and no matter their background or what they teach, every person in that family is going to do whatever it takes for OUR students. SES is proud to have specialists in our building that go beyond their own expertise and are constantly seeking to learn more about what will help our students succeed. Thank you SES Support Staff! You are CHAMPIONS!

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