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Our Champions are Standing OUT Already!

Posted Date: 08/18/2019

Our Champions are Standing OUT Already!

So many things happen the first week of school. New kinders learn how to come to school and go to their class for the very first time. Fifth graders learn how to be the oldest and most mature students in the building, which is a big responsibility! Teachers are digging deep to try to get to know the heart of each student, and students are grasping for friendship and belonging. Springhill Elementary has had four days with students so far this year, and we are more confident than ever that our goal of “building champions” WILL be reached! In every grade level and every classroom, we saw students standing OUT in their effort, behavior, and even their smiles. From the lunch room to the playground, students were showing kindness to others and welcoming our newest students to the team. 

Teachers were standing OUT, too! In every class teachers were implementing tools and strategies to ensure all learners had the opportunity to grow and be successful. Kindergarten teachers utililized whole-brain movements to apply to classroom rules so students would better be able to learn and remember them. It’s hard to stay in a seat for a litle while when you’re five! Third graders colored in their attendance on a chart that they will continue to use all year. Fifth graders engaged in a getting-to-know you activity that took them in and out of the classroom. Mrs. Hammett’s book tour reached Mrs. Shinn’s special education classroom, where we found our principal’s biggest fans! 

We are more excited than ever about this year with our students and we can’t wait to see them live out our one word for Springhill: CHAMPION!

Students are already reading books of their choice!Kindergartners engaged in enrichment during PROWLStudents in Ms. Shinn's class loved the book!Cutting pieces out of article that represent themMrs. Wilson's class using whole-brain strategies to remember to Mrs. Hammett getting hugs after her book tour