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Highly Engaging Learning

Posted Date: 05/02/2019

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Students in Mrs Freeman’s 5th grade social studies classes have been researching and learning about a historical patriot or loyalist.  They concluded the unit with a debate on colonial independence from Britian.  Students researched the personality, the looks and the views of their partriot or loyalist.  On their debate day they were able to dress up like their person.  It was a great way for the students to learn about patriots and loyalists as well as learn how to debate.  Great job Mrs Freeman on keeping our students engaged!!! #SESstandout


Mrs Medina’s 2nd grade class worked on their math skills during an Easter egg hunt.  They searched for eggs that had 3 digit numbers inside and then they had to work with a partner to add the two numbers together using the base 10 strategy model.  Students had 15 minutes to find and add as many numbers as they could.  The pair with the most numbers added were declared the winners!  Students LOVED the competition!  Great job Mrs Medina on engaging the students and working on  addition skills. #SESstandout