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Hevreh Ensemble visits Springhill

Posted Date: 03/15/2019

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The Hevreh Ensemble visited Springhill Elementary on Tuesday.  Students got to enjoy various musical instruments from the Native American Flute to the English Horn. Some of our very own students got to perform with the Hevreh Ensemble. The Hevreh Ensemble came all the way from New York.  Members of the Hevreh Ensemble include:

Jeff Adler, Composer, Bass Clarinet, Native American Flute

Judith Dansker, Oboe, English Horn, Native American Flute

Laurie Friedman, Clarinet, Native American Flute, Shofar

Adam Morrison, Keyboard, Piano

The Hevreh Ensemble and some of our students got to peform at UCA as well on Tuesday night.  It was a wonderful experience for our students!  We would like to thank Lorraine Kitts, Tom Kitts and Justin Legris for making this happen.